Carry out data analytics by selecting client’s dataset on different platforms, provide business solutions to corporates in cross different industries

Our Team

Bringing together outstanding talents in our team, we are committed to assist customers from data management to data science and application, and solve enterprise challenges with their dataset.

Advantage of AI Book / BI Canvas

AI book is an exclusive end-to-end automatic machine learning (AutoML) platform. It is capable of performing algorithm, data analysis for gigantic dataset and its predictive analytics with high precision

Data visualization with insights, helping decision makers to spot out business value and trends as well as quickly implementing business deployment

About DataCube

Established in 2017, DATACUBE RESEARCH CENTRE LIMITED (“DataCube”) offers big data modelling and predictive analytics solutions to companies across different industries, including finance, insurance, telecom and retail. Our company has attracted seasoned data scientists and experienced system developers to bring the most advanced algorithms and state of the art software platforms to our clients. DataCube is aiming to help corporations to uncover emerging trends and hidden insights, to adjust the business strategy with confidence and agility.

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Address: Room 1717 – 1718, 17/F Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3107 6860