AIManager ML Operation Platform

One-stop model hosting platform to help enterprises implement AI applications on a large scale , seamlessly connect business, and empower execution

Product Advantage

Accelerate landing efficiency

Zero code, large-scale unified management model

Impact enhancement

Optimize models with automated learning

Optimize task scheduling

Efficient task scheduling and resource management

Real-time Monitoring

All-round real-time monitoring, greatly reducing operation and maintenance manpower

Zero code model hosting

The platform supports large-scale model deployment, connects big data for real-time prediction, and easily manages and controls AI models

Integrated Model Scheduling

The platform has functions such as task management, resource management, log management, etc., which can effectively assist the overall operation scheduling. Prediction output supports seamless connection to business execution in various ways

Comprehensive Model Monitoring

Based on a unified data processing architecture, data analysis capabilities such as analysis operators, data filtering, data linkage, and multi-dimensional drilling are realized

Automated Model Iteration

The platform has built-in automated model training components, which can apply real-time closed-loop data of the business for automatic learning and continuous tuning. It supports setting sub-scenarios for accurate prediction

Use process


Model Deployment

Supports scalable model deployment


Model Operation

Continuous monitoring, iteration, scheduling model


Model Application

Prediction output sea