BICanvas Visual Analysis Platform

Integrated business intelligence platform integrating data preparation, data visualization, and data analysis, which can meet the data analysis application and visualization needs of users at all levels of the enterprise

Product Advantage

Agile Self-Service

All-in-one platform for data preparation, analysis, and reporting

Very easy to use

Drag and drop interaction to quickly generate visual reports

Mobile Multiscreen

Multi- terminal flexible presentation

Excellent performance

Second response with millions of data

Data Visualization

The platform has built-in rich visual chart components, supports drag-and-drop interaction to quickly create visual charts and analysis reports, what you see is what you get

Multiple rendering

The visual dashboard supports flexible presentation on PC , mobile and large screens to meet the personalized reading needs of users at all levels

Self-Service Data Analysis

Based on a unified data processing architecture, data analysis capabilities such as analysis operators, data filtering, data linkage, and multi-dimensional drilling are realized

Enterprise Management

The platform has complete enterprise-level management capabilities such as authentication and authorization, resource sharing, and log management

Use process


Data Access

Quickly integrate massive data


Data Visualization

Provide rich chart presentation


Data Analysis

Provide professional analysis and exploration


Resource Sharing

Support multiple sharing methods