AIBook Automated Machine Learning Platform

With its powerful algorithm engine and big data processing capabilities, the self-developed zero-code and automated machine learning platform greatly reduces the threshold for AI applications and helps enterprises transform intelligently

Product Advantage

Low threshold

Zero code, automated and efficient modeling

Good prediction effect

Model performance is better than super data scientist

Full modeling capability

Diverse algorithms and models for various scenarios and applications

Low landing cost

Cost-effective AI implementation with full-link automation

Automated Efficient Modeling

The platform has built-in rich data algorithms and expert-level data preprocessors, which can automate batch modeling around a single prediction target and seek the optimal solution for prediction

Model Comprehensive Evaluation

The platform automatically forms a model ranking list during batch modeling, is equipped with a wealth of model evaluation indicators, comprehensively evaluates the model effect, and performs optimal applications

Multiple modeling methods

The platform has built-in multiple modeling methods, supports automated or expert manual modeling, fast or deep learning, and is suitable for a variety of analysis application scenarios

Simple operation and visualization

The platform simplifies and automates the tedious machine learning application process, and can quickly build AI models with zero code with simple operations

Use process


Data Access

Support multiple data source access


Data Processing

Supports fast feature engineering


Model Building

Supports automated batch modeling


Model Evaluation

Supports comprehensive evaluation of model effects