DMP Data Management System

A basic data platform for enterprise data asset management, connecting business with AI and BI applications, and supporting data value discovery

Product Advantage

Data collection

Streamlined data asset management, connected analytics applications

Quality Improvement

Comprehensive data governance measures to improve data quality

Excellent performance

Second response with millions of data


Manage data in a visual form , which is simple and easy to operate

Rich data source connections

The platform supports more than 15 data source connections, including database and file data sources, and manages data asset catalogs in a unified manner

Do -it -yourself data preparation

The platform has built-in data processing components, including table association, field processing, analysis operators, filtering, feature engineering, etc., to easily build analysis data sets by yourself

Enterprise resource management

The platform supports complete enterprise-level management capabilities such as data set management, update management, and permission management

Seamless application

Platform datasets support seamless connection to AI and BI platforms for application, opening up the full link of data mining

Use process


Data Access

Support multiple data source access


Data Management

Self-service data processing, updating, and permission management for datasets


Data Application

Quickly jump to AI and BI to create analysis projects