AI Book

AI book is an exclusive end-to-end automatic platform with deep learning and machine learning technique equipped. Processing data collection, filtering and analytics through four stages. Expedite iterative approach improves prediction accuracy and model robustness, making it an automatic procedure.
  • Data Preparation

    First Stage

  • Auto Feature Engineering

    Second Stage

  • Model Training

    Third Stage

  • Predict New Data

    Forth Stage

BI Canvas

The result of data analytics will be showed on tailored-made BI Canvas platform. The massive data are transformed into various charts and line graphs in real time mode. It is clear and easy to understand and helps decision makers to spot out business value and hidden trends, quickly response to the market and adjust business deployment
  • Feature Analysis

  • Data Visualization

  • Create Dashboard

  • Connect decision makers with data

Histogram Chart

Bubble Chart

Scatter Plot Chart